What we do » Reputation Management

Reputation is everything.

We provide support to both businesses and individuals, protecting and managing their brand or personal profiles.

By offering expert management, guidance and counsel, Citydesk Sport is on hand to step in and protect businesses or brands being destroyed in an instant by a media crisis.

Our knowledge and expertise within the media field means we’re on hand to navigate any media storm and come out of it on the other side with our client’s reputation intact and stronger than ever.

Our cleverly thought-out PR strategies – which we devise and update regularly  for new and existing clients – adopt a multi-channel approach, combining new and old media to boost our clients’ brands as often or as little, as they like.

Our journalistic roots ensure we’re able to provide clients with the best gateways in the industry to boost their profiles, as well as giving us a killer instinct for what makes a good news story.