Businesses, organisations and charities are embracing social media faster than ever before.

This readiness to get to grips with the ever-changing ocean of social media chatter can offer huge rewards for brands who, when using social media strategically, can achieve an audience reach greater than they had ever dreamed of.

But, these rewards come with a risk. With just one single act on social media, organisations can find themselves in danger of damaging their brand reputation – through no fault of their own.

Citydesk Sport’s in-house social media monitoring platform CrowdControlHQ, provides clients with a complete social media risk management and compliance platform – shielding organisations from the risks inherent within social media.

Whilst helping your entire organisation stay in control of its social media accounts, CrowdControlHQ also provides marketing and operational teams with a suite of timesaving features, alerts and insights.

Whether Citydesk Sport manages your social media accounts on your behalf, or if you prefer to do it yourself, CrowdControlHQ allows you to:

  • view and respond to your social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – all on one web-based platform
  • schedule tweets and posts on your social media accounts to be sent at a certain time and day (these can be done months in advance if you wish)
  • listen and respond in real-time to what others are saying about you and other organisations across blogs, Facebook, public spaces, Google+, news sites, websites, and Twitter
  • set up alerts to understand if there has been an increase or decline in conversations relating to a certain topic
  • pull in real-time analytics from your social media accounts and generate reports