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Twitter’s teen love rises

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News Twitter has taken over Facebook as the most popular social network for teens is no surprise, says Citydesk Sport’s chief Michelle Leavesley. 

A study out today has proved that the once popular Facebook is no longer cool with teens as Twitter is pushed to the number one  spot.

This is a stark contrast to last year’s results by investment firm Piper Jaffray who reported last year that 42 per cent of teens rated Facebook as the most important social medial tool, while this year only 23 per cent rated it as the most influential.

In comparison, 26 per cent of teens rated Twitter as their ‘most important’ social media site.

Michelle Leavesley, managing director from the Birmingham-based marketing agency which specialising in social media, said:

“We have carried out extensive research into teens use of social media, through our work with the England and Wales Cricket Board and Street Games, over the past two years.

It is no surprise to me that Twitter is becoming more popular amongst teenagers as teens are renowned for being content creators, while adults are content curators. Twitter provides teens with the perfect platform to share their content.

However, the survey is no indication whatsoever that teenagers are abandoning Facebook –I think quite the opposite is happening. I think they are using the two social medial platforms for two very different purposes.

Our research has indicated that adults are most likely to be content curators and like to listen in to conversations and share content while it’s the teenagers in the past that have been creating the content.

I believe there has been a shift and teenagers are opting to create content on Twitter and share it on Facebook. The survey also shows a rise in the popularity of Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, and this is yet another example of how teenagers are leading the way in creating content.”


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About the author Kate Allum

Kate Allum is head of Social Media at Citydesk Sport.