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Don’t ignore the bloggers…

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As a PR I spend a lot of my time talking with journalists from the nationals right down to reporters from weekly newspapers.

While I love my journo friends, I understand that they’re busy people who don’t always have control over what makes it into their publication’s column inches.

Thankfully I’ve built up enough good relationships with them to know what stories have more chance of making the news and which don’t, and we work together to find a news angle that works for the both of us.

But, journalists aren’t the only people PRs have to please these days. Once upon a time PRs could be so arrogant to think they didn’t need bloggers and that by simply sending out a press release, inviting journalists to event launches and following up with a phone call would do the job.


The way in which we communicate has evolved dramatically within the last decade and therefore so has the way in which we strategise in PR to tackle this ever-changing, and growing, landscape.

I’m proud to say I’m not one of those PRs that ignores the blogging community.

As any PR worth their column inches will tell you, these days you ignore the power of the blogsphere at your peril.

If anything, PRs have never been so spoilt. We now have so many different outlets to get our client’s messages across it really is a case of ensuring our very distinct and different PR strategies are targeted to work with the new and old media – digital and print.

That’s why at Citydesk Sport, when we PR plan for our clients we endeavour to make sure it features our favourite bloggers as well as journalists.

That way, we all live happy ever after!

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About the author Kate Allum

Kate Allum is head of Social Media at Citydesk Sport.